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Monday, September 12, 2011

Why the Wait?

I have had a lot of inquiries lately on why my wait time is so long...so I figured it would be best to inform you of what affects my wait time and why it is what it is. I am a single mother to a WONDERFUL 14 month old little girl. As you can imagine she occupies almost every ounce of my time. On top of that I work full time from home for a mortgage company, so Itty Bitty Designs is not my main focus during the day as I wish it was. Because of that I only have nights and nap times to crochet and if I get a lot of orders at once I tend to get a little bit backed up. I try my hardest to get everyone's orders out in a timely manner. I only go to the Post Office once a week so as long as I finish your order before my postal run it will get sent that week. If not it will wait until the next postal run. If you ever have any questions about what my ship time is it is ALWAYS announced in my shop announcement's on my Etsy shop. I hope this gives you a little more insight into my wait times for products. I promise they are well worth it :) 

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