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Friday, September 2, 2011

September Photographer of the Month

With the beginning of a new month I am so happy to bring to you our September Photographer of the Month. She is a GREAT friend of mine and a great example of someone I aspire to be like. 


I am so blessed to have such an amazing woman in my life like Melissa. She has such a giant heart and an even bigger talent at her passion for photography. Melissa is my personal family photographer and she always captures the images that I never knew could be captured. Her pictures always tell a story and that is one of the best things anyone can capture when photographing. Here is my interview with Melissa from Sugar Bowl Photography...

1. When did you become interest in photography and what got you started?  I've loved photography for as long as I can remember but never really felt like it was something that I could do myself. When our oldest son was born, I did what every new mom does and took him for a photo session, but where we lived, I didn't know anyone I could use as a photographer, so I went to a chain studio, and well...I hated them...every single picture...I thought maybe it was just one of those days, so I took him again in a few months, and same thing...I didn't even hang them in our home. I remember thinking...I could do better than this and I don't even know anything about my camera. That is probably what sparked my interest. The next Christmas, my husband gave me a really nice Nikon to use for our family, and that was it. I did everything I could to learn how to use my camera to produce pictures I love and could be proud of. Soon after, friends of ours asked if I would take pictures of their first baby, so I did, and then their friends and family started asking them how much their "photographer" charged. LOL!! That really got me to thinking...could I really make something of this and live out a dream, do a good job at something I love and help our family at the same time? After that I dove in head first and haven't looked back! I feel blessed every single time I get the honor to capture a moment for others that they will cherish forever. 

2. What is your favorite thing to photograph? I think I have two favorites...newborns, because really, how could you not love getting to cuddle a sweet squishy 7 day old and make the parents ooh and aah at the same time. And emotion...not any emotion specifically, just true, raw emotion...Which is probably why I really love images of people laughing or sharing a moment together as is no one else were around.

3. How long have you been photographing? Officially, I've been in business since May of 2009, so just two years now...and I've loved every minute of it!!

4. Three fun facts about yourself... Let's see...fun facts...I am a mom of four boys ages 6 and under...yep...you read that correctly. :)It's crazy at our house, but always entertaining! I have a loud obnoxious laugh that I don't bother to contain...because, really, if you're going to laugh, you might as well do it with your whole heart. :) And...my husband and I recently resigned our position as Worship Pastors at our church here and will be moving cross country (business and all!) to Semmes, AL (just outside Mobile, AL) to be on staff at a church there. Big changes coming our way, but we are so very excited about what God has in store for our family! Be watching my blog for more info on our upcoming move if your're in that area. :)

Thank you so much Melissa for letting me interview you! I am so blessed to call you my friend and am SO SAD to see you leaving me for Alabama! God has big things in store for you and your family and I can't wait to see them all unfold. 

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