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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Changes for Current Photographers

Due to some recent changes I will be changing my policy for photographers. My NEW policy that will be effective IMMEDIATELY is as follows. 
  • All photographers wanting to work directly with Itty Bitty Designs in exchange for a 30% discount will need to purchase the items at full price. Once the pictures of the items have been received by Itty Bitty Designs within the 4 week time frame a 30% discount will then be sent to you via Paypal for the items that you purchased. 
  • All 30% discounts will be based off of the price before shipping. 
  • In order to receive the 30% discount, NO OTHER coupon codes can be used at time of purchase or 30% discount will not be applicable on that purchase. 
  • If photos are not received within 4 weeks of the items being shipped, the 30% discount will not be given. 
Currently all active photographer coupon codes have been discontinued. If you have any questions or concerns PLEASE email me at IttyBitty_Designs@yahoo.com. Thank you ALL in advance for understanding. 

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