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Monday, October 31, 2011

Changes to the "All About Gracyn" Auction

As you all know I will be holding an Auction where 100% of the proceeds were going to be going to Gracyn's upcoming surgery. The surgery was to repair an umbilical hernia that she has had since birth. We were just going off of what the Pediatrician had said, and about a week and a half ago we went to see the Surgeon who would be in charge of her surgery. The Surgeon poked around and said that she didn't feel comfortable doing the surgery yet. She wants to hold off until Gracyn is about 3 y.o., she is currently 15 mo. 

As some of you may know...My little one didn't have a very easy go of it the first few months of her life. When she was 3 months old we spent countless trips to the ER and finally 4 days admitted into the hospital for a brain bleed. To this day they STILL cannot tell me what caused the brain bleed. After months of going to the Neuro-Surgeon and Hematologist and too many tests to count, she was given the clear to only come back once a year for follow up appointments. AND PRAISE THE LORD she has not had a brain bleed since :) Lucky for me, my insurance covered 100% of the costs, AFTER my $3000 deductible. 

Get to the point right? :) My point is...100% of the proceeds will be going towards the medical bills that I am still paying off monthly. As a single mother it is a HUGE financial burden every month to have to pay out and I would love to get them down as much as humanly possible. I am going to postpone the start of the Auction until I have a few more items to offer everyone since I do not need the proceeds right away since she does not need the surgery yet (THANK YOU LORD!).

If you have any questions PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me and I would love to answer them! Thank you all for being so understanding and always sticking with me through thick and thin!! I have the best fans out there!! 

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