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Monday, November 7, 2011

Grab Bags....The Rules & Policies

If you are a long time fan you know exactly what I mean when I say GRAB BAGS and I hope that you get just as excited as I do. If you have not been around long enough to experience the joy of a random Grab Bag night I promise you wont be disappointed. 

How to play: I will announce that I am going to be doing Grab Bags that night. I will then post the pictures of each Grab Bag, what sizes the Grab Bag is available in, how much it retails, how many I have available, and what the Grab Bag is going for. Once all of the pictures are posted I will leave all of the Grab Bags open for one hour. If you would like to enter for that Grab Bag you will need to leave your Paypal email and size of the item that you would like. At the end of the hour I will choose the winners via Random.Org and announce them under each Grab Bag. 

Winning the item: If you are the winner of the Grab Bag I will send you an invoice via Paypal the same night. Once the invoice is sent you are required to pay the invoice within 48 hours. If the invoice remains unpaid after 48 hours the invoice will be cancel and the Grab Bag will go into the next set of Grab Bags a different night. 

Once the invoice has been paid, the Grab Bag item is added to the bottom of my ongoing order list and will be sent out within 3 weeks of the invoice being paid. 


ALL GRAB BAG SALES ARE FINAL! Grab Bags cannot be returned or exchanged for other items.

All invoices must be paid within 48 hours or the item is no longer available at the discounted price and the invoice will be canceled. 

You MUST have a Paypal account to play. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions! 

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